Sunday, November 21, 2010

I adopted another deaf pup- Garry. He's now the center of our lives and the joy of my life. He's no Prancy Pants. He's Ralph the Mouth, Garr-E!, snuggle muffin, fuzzy wuzzy, and all kinds of other names. He's cute cute cute and he never gets smelly. His breath smells sweet, his fur-- at it's worst-- smells like a BARN. In a good way. The way horses smell. He loves everything and everyone and doesn't care when one of the other 2 steal his boney. The best start to every day is when I get in my car and see his little fuzzy white head poking between the curtains and him looking wistfully at me as I leave. It simultaneously breaks and warms my heart.

Today we we listed some of the things that are great about deaf dogs:
1) they sleep though anything
2) they don't bark when the doorbell rings
3) they don't mind loud places (G actually LOVES to go where he can see lots of action)
4) when another dog starts barking ferociously at them, it looks like I have trained them really well (as they "ignore" the barker mcbarkerson)
5) they are visually attentive, which seems really sweet
6) you don't get angry or frustrated when they don't listen becuase they can't even HEAR!

Meet Garry- I think you'll love him as much as I do.