Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who's the better dog?

Mom and Dad brought home a Christmas tree today. Pops didn't really want a Christmas tree because he was really worried about what I would do to a tree in the house. What would I do?? Well, I was really super excited when they got home. I was extra squirmy and bouncy and licky and happy. Sam and I ran into the room with the tree and I just played it cool, you know. Real cool-like. Sam, however, walked right up to the tree and PEED on it, right there! Right in front of Mom and Dad. I was secretly laughing as they yelled at him and made him go outside. I watched Mom put the lights on the tree. I have never seen lights like that before. A couple of times I tried to play with the shiny balls she had out, but she made me stop. Later after she finished putting all those balls and bells onto the tree I went up and sniffed it a lot.

**ed.note- Haley continues to amaze us at how she really is no different than a dog that can hear and see well. I'm thankful that she can see a little, but it's times like today when we move things out of place or rearrange that we realize how little she really does see. She compensates amazingly well and today showed us that she is often easier and better-behaved than our sight hound ;).

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