Thursday, November 13, 2008

The beginnings

I guess you could say that my mom is a sucker for needy animals- I heard her say once that when she was little she tried to talk her mom into letting her get a blind puppy. Her mom was adament, "no". Maybe that's why she ended up with me. There are these pictures around the house of this other Australian Shepherd that looks a little like me, but then not really. I'm much cuter! and prissy-er, and more dainty. Sometimes dad calls me Katy, so I think that was her name. Well, she died and they were lonely. Even my new friend Sam was lonely and so Jen (that's my mom) well she looked online at Petfinder and learned that there are al kinds of deaf Australian Shepherds that need help.

So she and Nathan drove all the way to Bellingham (that's 5 hours they drove!) because they had seen me online. What they didn't know about me was that not only am I deaf, but I am also pretty much blind. See, this is where I am REAL proud of myself. See I have this one eye that's not really an eye and then I have this other weird eye that's sort of an eye. When they came to meet me- you'll hardly believe this! they couldn't.tell. I.was blind. I'm really good like that. I was running all around and happy and I did some tricks and the lady, when asked if I chewed up my toys, she really had my back. See, she had this one toy that was fresh and new and she LIED to mom and dad and told them that I NEVER chew my toys. In fact, she said I had arrived 6 months back with that very toy. Th e pristine toy that was perfectly unchewed. So, having driven 5 hours in pouring rain mom and dad (I didn't call them that then!) gathered up my things- I didn't have very many! and off I went to Portland to meet my new friend Sam.

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