Friday, November 14, 2008

Ok. Let me set some things straight. I'm Jen, her "mom". Yes, I didn't know she was blind. She did completely fool me. However, I saw adopting her (whether just deaf or both deaf and blind) as not only an opportunity to feel like I am doing the OPPOSITE of what my dog-showing and dog-breeding family has done (something that I personally consider irresponsible), but also a chance to educate people about the joys of owning a disabled dog. Furthermore, I see this as a chance to alert people that there are casual breeders who may not know how perilous it is to breed certain strains of dogs within the same breed together. So I suupose I aim to raise consciousness on that front as well. I guess I'm setting out to be some handicapped -dog hero. WONDERJEN. But bare with me.

Haley is, unfortunately, a handicapped dog that could have been avoided entirely. She's the result of an ignorant or careless breeder who bred 2 Merle Australian Shepherds. That coloring throws a double dominant gene and 25-30% of the puppies are sight or hearing impaired... but no less sweet or adorable or loveable...r less deserving of a chance! This is a situation that could have easily be avoided if the breeder wasn't negligent. BUT it wasn't avoided and so Nathan and I went to Bellingham and we brought home Haley.

We learn ABOUT her and we learn FROM her daily. It's a give and take but what I guarantee is that she gives more than we take and so that makes it worth every minute. Over future posts I will tell you honestly, what challenges we face raising and living with our deaf and (NOT) mute (since she has no idea how loud she barks) prancy princess.

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